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Dec 4, 2013 5:00am PST
how it got there. a federal judge has ruled that the city of detroit should be protected from its critics is making it the first time in us history the demand to see t has been to that post. detroit's had filed for bankruptcy protection more than four months ago that the coalition including the type to key employees digital kits. i believe since i came to office of. with a crisis that we head. this was inevitable i don't think any buy the necessary wanted to go in this direction. but now that we are here it's more important that we work together as opposed to continuing to fight each other. well we're very pleased. we remain very concerned about the need to adjust the city's debt. to prove this level of services for its citizens. it's also the city to add to this receivership. in a fashion that restores democracy. to the city. detroit wants to become a key safety has been in decline for yes. employees have fit the judge's ruling as the tensions are likely to be certain to be the communities around japan has crippled the cushy main uk account still waiting for that night's tour att
Dec 10, 2013 5:00am PST
time is about seventy miles north east of new york city. his motives and the reasons why he targeted sandy hook elementary when he himself had once attended remained unknown. with just over a month left until the bottle until i can maybe the fish he announced what governing board. he has named chris john ever doubt and lionel messi and frank ribery is the three nominations from attend to a shortlist of football's most prestigious individual award. macy's used in the price is two thousand and nine convene for itself right to see it but for now the running favorites the formal dresses. he likened winger has already scored twenty five goals to ravage of the season. but this stunning hat trick a sports coupe down sweetie to the world cup qualifying playoff to reach next summer's finals in brazil now to initiate joined by french international franck ribery who was already named europe's best plan for helping on duty when the check and see what this league and german cup last season. former manchester united manager alex that isn't buying the tix your point is in breach of jordan's you can
Dec 4, 2013 6:30am PST
the school to canon in bangkok on wednesday. abbas clean up operation was underway. it's a city of opponents that began last week and came to an abrupt halt ahead of the teams could feel their state. it's like prime minister called for trips between police and protesters but this london based comic since the streets of bangkok one ministry team look she know what's called for fresh liable to reach the last installation of the country standoff at all. i would like to invite the academics businessmen and poops on max's life including political protesters to work to get there and hold a forum to express their opinions to find an answer and reform the political situation into a democratic system of picking this weekend the victim's point of the trees position yeah no insist they cannot abandon the struggle. they say peanuts government's control click here for the texan himself announced a one minute the protest leaders of the bill to ban suspected this would lead to improving the team is announced. i'm not going to the king's birthday. we will start fighting again until we achieve our
Dec 9, 2013 5:00am PST
texans conviction. the city center left democratic party isn't unique to masjid and see who the snare of cars has won a primary election to the coast. the thirteen lists and contorted tiniest not just posting them as fancy seen as a new generation politician use an outspoken critic of his party which has a history of deep divisions on winning the elections he said that other politicians and jokes a costume and the sun for the establishment and political opportunists to tackle gone wrong for them like the whole of pakistan sees nearest rival is gianni court panel of former communist and accountants seen as representing the party still count the anc's new printer panties to distance itself from the looks of that and to tuck appeal more to that is new to the statistical santa that place but people are too crafty. prime minister and reconnect to do is also a dt member standing in action the new man of the parties' town could mean difficult times ahead between the two football funds also for russia's bustle in brazil on sunday. these pictures were broadcast live into people's homes during the
Dec 5, 2013 5:00am PST
over the readiness of the mexico city truck the korean race perhaps one of the least popular sustained heavy losses in the start order for but rubble and tarmac rallies is changing. next year at the start order for day one will be based on championship classification order for drivers. days two and twenty drivers will race in the affairs of the confiscation order. with hopes to get a better show for five. reduce the use of slowing tactic. in the dubai ladies masters but in the riot cops knock the rust offered a look that impressive but the free sixty seven and up to the opening round. oil rose on it when the ladies european tour accessories order of merit last week having her postcards for the twenty fourteen season. it's the new color to the cabin to have a chance to break clear of a crowded leaderboard but it makes the pretty parts the hosts to us the other main contender for the title track of the full well that was derailed when she got to the greens the biggest show the whole design of the rookie of the year award for the closing holes and was tied for sixth of august yo
Dec 6, 2013 5:00am PST
watching it. the city. with the stereo. bob. you knew you were when will you. or i or or or or the south africans are taking in a future with alex nelson mandela off the day that the country's first black president that the struggle against apartheid. normal people that the gathering of the family home in johannesburg when he died in the company of his family after a long illness he was ninety five. early this year he'd spent months in hospital with the money infection. the announcement last night was made by the current president. for those of the pickens. going out to see what he does someone do. the funding president. let him open to the nation. this deprives the pasta farm. his footy the new company or peas from elite. how tolerant. today is tuesday on the stage. hope to serve them all the lights people gathered to share the news and celebrate the life of the man who sold the end of white minority rule and symbolize reconciliation and peaceful coexistence with that at this day to day. i think the effect is pot tonight and he didn't feel well and about i keep calling it that all
Dec 3, 2013 5:00am PST
city center twenty four hours peaceful yet to buy into account as saying the three of us together would be up to make a difference but one with ten twenty thirty one hundred thousand to one knee and they the government would be up to do anything. ukraine has been plunged into crisis by president kennedy's decision to fold though a free trade deal with europe and the russian pressure while the pro europe demonstrates his continue their occupation of key of c t cold and allies in parliament to pull for offensive no confidence level what they see is a match back toward saving the world for most can't. while ukraine's crimean a sense that the mass protests of the best in show on the situation resemble kick to the president appealed for calm in an interview with jen and it's an old tv channels. i know it no fake dna cuz it to pay to acknowledge the right to demonstrate and to free speech what is new moon. as for the people who came out to the rallies any show of when lisa was confirmed by everybody's freedom and right to speak them minds the truth in it is important that the sonics have a pe
Dec 2, 2013 5:00am PST
their own says wildly. iraq is has dusted off for southwest china carrying the country's festival city no room for me the set for j to grab a copy will and to extol the set pieces in may. it's the next step in china's ambitious space program. not to miss out. the european space agency is also in foal to its network of tracking stations are being used to provide crucial support. if all goes smoothly the retro look and kept geological surveys and such but not too resource is off to deprive touches down on the moon later this month two time overall welsh champion actual extend the olive played his first race win of the season on sunday. the norwegian won the super g at lake louise canada. the rating of the pink and welsh cup champion in that discipline crushed line at opening time of one minute and twenty eight point five three seconds. with his fifth grade super g with a scrape the canadian resort. our proposal we can recall for welsh cup victories with the korea trip to. the feel strangely rounded off the podium in second and third by the us might have matched his best to replace it wit
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8